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PREMIUM 1.2990 mod. (~X100CrMoV8-2)

  • €co-Präz - flat
    available length: 500 mm

  • PRS / BA - round
    available length: 500 mm 1000 mm

Technical properties:

An all-rounder amongst the cold work steels: high toughness, good pressure resistance, excellent compression strength, excellent wear and tempering resistance. It is secondary-hardened and has a good dimensional stability, good erosion quality and excellent nitridability. Working hardness: 57-63 HRC.


Blanking tools, stamping tools, precision cutting tools, dies, punches, thread rolling tools, cold pilger mandrels, plastic moulds, cold rollings, cold extrusion tools, cold forming tools, deep drawing dies, woodworking tools, embossing tools, bending tools, machine knives, circular shear knives, machine parts.