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PREMIUM 1.2162 (21MnCr5)

  • PFS / BA - flat
    available length: 1000 mm

  • €co-Präz - flat
    available length: 500 mm

  • RS - round
    available length: 500 mm 1000 mm

Technical properties:

Cold work steel and plastic mould steel. High surface hardness with high core toughness. Exellent machinability, good cold hobbing and polishing properties. The even component strength is a result of the combination of hardened surface and high core toughness. Surface working hardness: 58-60 HRC.


Mechanical engineering, jig construction, plant engineering, apparatus engineering, plastic processing, plastic moulds, synthetic resin mould tools, base plates, bending bars, guide columns, gear parts, joint parts, shafts, gears, rods, bevel gears, crown wheels, piston pins, camshafts, bolts, pins, cardan joints.