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PREMIUM 1.4031 (X39Cr13)

  • PFS / BA - flat
    available length: 1000 mm

  • €co-Präz - flat
    available length: 500 mm

  • Hart-Präz - flat
    available length: 250 mm 500 mm

  • PRS - round
    available length: 1000 mm

  • PRS / BA - round
    available length: 500 mm 1000 mm

Technical properties:

Martensitic chromium steel with good mechanical properties. Excellent polishing properties, good corrosion resistance, good chemical resistance and difficult to weld. Due to it's high contents of carbon excellent to use for cutting tools. The material is conditionally acid resistant. Working hardness: 50-55 HRC.


Mechanical engineering, medical technology, machine knives, shears, cutting tools, razors, automotive industry, food technology, fasteners, decoration purposes, kitchen equipment, power engineering, springs, piston rods, screws.