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PREMIUM HSS 1.3343 (HS6-5-2C)

  • €co-Präz - flat
    available length: 500 mm

  • PRS - round
    available length: 1000 mm

  • PRS / BA - round
    available length: 500 mm 1000 mm

Technical properties:

This high speed steel is the most frequently used among the high speed steels. Its composition allows it to be used for a wide range of applications. High impact toughness, good compression strength, excellent wear resistance. Working hardness: 62-65 HRC.


Machining tools, milling cutters, twist drills, screw taps, reamers, broaching tools, rotary knives, planer knives, gear shaper cutters, circular saw segments, metal saws, woodworking tools, screw dies, countersinks, chasers, cold extrusion punches, precision cutting tools, dies, punches, plastic moulds with high wear resistance.