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PREMIUM 1.2085 / 1.2099 (X33CrS16 / ~X5CrS12)

Technical properties:

Pre-hardened, corrosion-resistant plastic mould steel. Magnetisable with good machinability. Resistant to aggressive plastics and humid conditions. Because of the added sulphur it is easier to machine than steel grade AISI / SAE 1.2316. Further heat treatment is not intended. Working hardness: approx. 33 HRC (delivery condition) up to 48 HRC. Note: AISI/SAE 420FM will be delivered in tempered condition (approx. 33 HRC). Therefore it can be easily substituted with AISI/SAE 1.2099.


Mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering, plastic processing, injection tools, base plates, assembling parts, moulding frames, plastic moulds, extrusion tools, valves, steam valves, water valves, fittings parts, pump construction, pump rods, compressor construction, compressor parts, surgical instruments.