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PREMIUM 1.2358 (60CrMoV18-5)

Technical properties:

Tempered tool steel (with focus on cold work). High impact toughness and wear resistance, excellent surface hardenability and through-hardenability. High degree of dimensional stability, Good polishability and weldability. AISI / SAE 1.2358 can be a substitute for AISI / SAE D2, AISI / SAE D6, AISI / SAE D3 mod. Working hardness: approx. 33 HRC (delivery condition) up to 60 HRC.


Segmented cutting tools, shear knives, forming dies, cold forming tools, deep drawing dies, cold extrusion tools, bending tools, rollers, embossing tools, mould tools, plastic moulds, hot working tools at low temperature stress.